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Radon is an invisible, tasteless gas that can enter the home through cracks & holes in the basement floor & foundation. When Radon decays, the tiny, ratio-active particles are released into the air you breathe. Breathing in Radon may increase the risk of lung cancer & Alzheimer’s disease. If an individual smokes AND experiences high Radon, their risk is especially high. See THIS article from Cancer.gov for more information about how exposure to Radon can cause lung cancer. Stuedemann Radon Resolutions is a Radon mitigation company serving North Central, IL. See what services we can provide for you!

What will Stuedemann Radon Resolutions do for you?

As qualified Radon-Reduction Licensees, we will:

Stuedemann Radon Resolutions, Marseilles, IL
Review and Evaluate

Review your testing guidelines & measurement results & determine if additional measurements are necessary. We evaluate your Radon issue & provide you with a detailed proposal on how Radon levels can be improved.

Design and Install

Design a Radon Reduction system specifically for your unique foundation and install the system according to EPA standards.


Guarantee for Life the system works effectively for the lifetime of the home, always transferable to new owners.

Stuedemann Radon Resolutions is proud to be North Central IL’s highest-rated Family Owned Radon professional.

About Us

Dave & Erin Stuedemann are at the helm of Stuedemann Radon Resolutions. Dave brings over 35 years of vast construction experience to his role as lead Radon Mitigator ~ there simply is no better-prepared mitigator to design & address the challenging situations that can arise.

In 1989, the year Dave & Erin were married, Stuedemann Construction was founded. For 35 years in North Central Illinois, a Stuedemann-built home was synonymous with Quality. In 2007, Dave diversified the home construction business to include Radon Mitigation & Foundation Crack Repair. This transition was so well-received, filling such a huge void in the home construction process, that today, this is the only service they provide.

FAMILY is at the heart of the Stuedemann Tradition ~ making homes safer for Illinois families is what drives our business. We encourage anyone looking for a Radon mitigation to research us online & get to know us by reading the many reviews about our service. We are proud to be a family that has served other families in such an important way.

Meet Our Team

Dave Stuedemann

Dave Stuedemann

Radon Mitigator, Owner

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Radon Mitigator & Owner, Dave Stuedemann, has been a trusted name in the home construction business since 1985 & leads our team of mitigation professionals. Dave is an avid waterfowler & enjoys keeping an eye on the flyway forecasts.

Matt Stuedemann

Matt Stuedemann

Radon Mitigator

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Radon Mitigator, Matt Stuedemann, is a nephew to Dave & Erin and brings a high level of care to his role as Radon Mitigator. Matt is an expert problem solver. He loves all things sports ~ from basketball to football.

Forest Stuedemann

Forest Stuedemann

Radon Mitigation Technician

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Radon Mitigation Technician, Forest Stuedemann is Dave & Erin’s son. Forest has a flair for customer service & enjoys meeting and serving our Radon clients. Forest is the resident “old soul” and loves old cars & classic country music.

Erin Stuedemann

Erin Stuedemann

Mitigation Coordinator

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Mitigation Coordinator, Erin Stuedemann, wife to Dave, is the first point of contact, guiding our customers through the Radon discovery phase, through mitigation & final testing. Erin also serves the community as Realtor and understands the urgency Radon presents in a real estate transaction.

Suzanne Yandell

Suzanne Yandell

Billing Coordinator

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Billing Coordinator, Suzanne Yandell, with her excellent communication skills, leads our customers through the payment process. Suzanne is passionate about Homemaking and leading the way for other Christian Moms.

Radon mitigation in Marseilles, IL | Stuedemann Radon Resolutions


Q: Does Stuedemann Radon Resolutions test for radon?

A: Stuedemann Radon Resolutions is a family team of licensed Radon Mitigators. Because we serve as mitigators, it is unlawful for us to test due to a possible conflict of interest. However, we have established great relationships with the area’s most qualified Radon testers who can help determine the Radon levels in your home. Contact us for a list of testers in your area!

Q: Is any level of Radon safe?

A: Although any level of Radon can be harmful, the threshold in Illinois is 4.0 pci/L. If your Radon level tests at or above 4.0 pci/L, call us immediately to schedule the installation of a mitigation system. Even if your level is under 4.0 pci/Ll, we can decrease the Radon level in your home making it a safer environment for your family.

Q: Why should I test my home for radon?

A: Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and is very prevalent throughout North Central IL. The only way to guarantee you are safe is to test your home.

Q: What is the typical cost of a radon mitigation system?

A: The price will vary depending on the home it’s being installed in. At Stuedemann Radon Resolutions, our systems start at around $1,100.00. The price can increase depending on the complexity of the job. For example, old basements and crawl spaces will cost more than a new, clean basement.

Q: Do you guarantee your services?

Yes, for a lifetime! Our Radon mitigation systems are guaranteed for the lifetime of the home and will be transferred to new homeowners.

Still have questions about Radon or our mitigation services?

Radon mitigation | Stuedemann Radon Resolutions, Marseilles, IL


“Staff was very kind and knowledgeable. I was able to get an appointment more timely than any other radon mitigation service I called.”
-Margaret K.

“I had a short timeline and they were extremely accommodating and met my schedule. Their mitigation services were a success as we passed the subsequent radon test!”
-Deborah K.
“When I needed a radon mitigation system installed to sell my house, Stuedemann Radon Resolution was quick to respond to my needs. They are professional and easy to work with for all your radon needs.”
-Shirley W.
“Very professional and thorough company. I was able to get a job scheduled very quickly and the job was done easily and efficiently! Glad to have the radon taken care of in my home and I no longer worry about it!”
-Nicole R.
“Top professional service! They installed a Radon removal system in our house in the smartest & most creative way imaginable which saved us hundreds of dollars! They know what they’re doing.”
Sarah H.

“The job went well and was completed quickly and professionally. The crew took care to ensure the house and work areas were kept clean during the work.”
-Bob C.

Areas We Serve

Lasalle County

Grundy County
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Reach out to Stuedemann Radon today for a reliable quote and get ready to wipe out Radon from your home!

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